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VIP Mental Health in Schools has through 22 years of working with mental health in schools become a service with several programmes. Togheter, these form a broad approach to health promoting work in Norwegian schools.

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VIP Talk about It

VIP ​​Trauma Course​ for school staff

Health and life skills​​​​


​​​Here you can see an overview of the schools that have carried out the VIP Programme  — Please note that the information is in norwegian​​

VIP stands for “Veiledning og Informasjon om Psykisk helse i skolen”, which translates to “Guidance and Information on Mental Health in School” and is described as a health-promoting and preventive measure. VIP Mental Health in Schools is owned by Vestre Viken Hospital Trust and financed by the Norwegian Directorate of Health as part of the Mental Health in School initiative. This is why our programmes are free for schools to carry out. We only charge the cost price of our booklets for students and teachers.

VIP Mental Health in Schools has several cooperation partners who help us stay updated in several important areas of our professional expertise. In addition to ​cooperation meetings and experience sharing, some of these partners also contribute to the development of our materials.​

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