Health and life skills

The new interdisciplinary topic Health and life skills uses the word mental health for the first time in the Norwegian curriculum. VIP Mental Health wishes to be a resource for scools in adressing this topic.

The Norwegian core curriculum – values and principles for primary and secondary education and training, states:

The school's interdisciplinary topic Health and life skills shall give the pupils competence which promotes sound physical and mental health, and which provides opportunities for making responsible life choices. In the childhood and adolescent years, the development of a positive self-image and confident identity is particularly important.

A society which gives the individual the platform from which to make good health choices will have great impact on health. Life skills refers to the ability to understand and influence factors that are important for mastering one's own life. This topic shall help the pupils learn to deal with success and failure, and personal and practical challenges in the best possible way.

Relevant areas within this topic are physical and mental health, lifestyle habits, sexuality and gender, drug abuse, media use and consumption and personal economy. Other issues that come under this topic are value choices and the importance of meaning in life and relations with others, the ability to draw boundaries and to respect others' boundaries, and the ability to deal with thoughts, feelings and relationships.​

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