Department of Medical Research, Bærum Hospital

The Department of Medical Research at Bærum Hospital focuses on common disease research. Through our activities, we aim to improve prevention and treatment of disease and contribute to precision medicine. The department has vast experience in planning and execution of randomized clinical trials and large cohort studies. We also support and facilitate research in other departments at Bærum Hospital.

In the Heart & Brain Research Group, we focus on heart and brain research, with emphasis on atrial fibrillation and stroke:

  • Genetic causes
  • Prognostic value of biomarkers
  • Imaging
  • Different forms of treatment
  • Screening for atrial fibrillation

Other areas of research include:

  • Orto-geriatrics: Rehabilitation after hip fracture
  • Geriatrics: Impaired cognitive function and delirium
  • Interaction between first and second line health services
  • Obstetrics: Hemodynamics in women in labor
  • Renal amyloidosis

The research group has extensive national and international research collaboration:

  • The Heart & Brain Research Group includes all researchers involved in research on cardiovascular disease, in particular atrial fibrillation and stroke
  • The Bærum Interdisciplinary Musculoskeletal Research Group includes researchers focusing on musculoskeletal disorders and rehabilitation
  • Core site for the Norwegian Atrial Fibrillation Research Network –
  • Extensive national and international research collaboration

Professor Arnljot Tveit MD, PhD is head of the department and holds an appointment at the Department of Cardiology, Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Oslo. He is assisted by administrative consultant Kristine Seland Folkenborg.

The research group currently employs five postdoctoral research fellows, one of whom is physiotherapist Kristi Elisabeth Heiberg who is also associate professor at Oslo Metropolitan University.

Our team includes eight PhD fellows (in different phases of their respective scientific programs), three experienced research nurses covering different aspects of clinical studies, and a varying number of scientific assistants for specific projects.

Several postdoctoral researchers based at other clinical departments are also affiliated with the research department.

The department is a well-equipped clinical research department with a state-of-the-art echocardiography scanner, advanced ECG-recording and -monitoring, and ergospirometry facilities. We run an established biobank center with five -80°C ultra-freezers, 24-hour electronic temperature surveillance, and on-site manual inspection by technical personnel three times daily. In large studies, we routinely store backup samples at the National biobank core facility.

We have developed a comprehensive system of standard operating procedures for research, and were recently certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard by DNV-GL. As part of this certification, the department was acclaimed for its excellent quality system for strategic planning, risk management, and follow-up of research projects.

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