Trust and knowledge - a tuberculosis training program

The training program "Trust and knowledge" is desgined to provide information to people who are at risk of getting infected with tuberculosis, or who are already sick. The aim is to provide increased knowlede, to reduce fear related to tuberculosis and create and maintain trust to the Norwegian healthcare system.

The program contains a presentation, films, groups assignements and FAQ. The material can be used both seperately, depending on the target group and how much time available. It is suited for teaching in groups as asylum reception centres, introduction centres and immigrant organisations.​​​​

The teaching package's goals

  • To increase knowledge about tuberculosis (TB)
  • ​To increase trust in the healthcare system
  • Getting more people with suspected tuberculosis to see a doctor
  • To reduce stigma and fear of infection

Main message

  • You will recover from tuberculosis
  • See a doctor if you have symptoms of tuberculosis
  • Doctors and nurses have a duty of confidentiality
  • The treatment is free of charge​
Sist oppdatert 20.10.2023